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lucky bamboo - baja cecair impra
There will be another few days only to go before Chinese New Year. Absolutely fresh flowers and plants are sprucing up homes and gardens because flower blossoms are believed to bring fortune, prosperity and happiness.Thus, many families will welcome the New Year with plants in the hopes of having a good start to the year ahead.
Plants, especially flowers, with bright colors like red, green and yellow are preferred, while dark or white-colored plants, or plants with stunted growth, sharp or drooping appearance are avoided because these are usually associated with grief and pain. Besides colors, plants with auspicious-sounding names are highly prized. Here are some auspicious plants that are easy to care for and will continue to survive past the festive season:
1. Kumquat
The fruiting tree resembles a tree with an abundance of gold coins. The combination of the words kum and quat rhymes with the Cantonese word which symbolizes wealth and success and also luck. The Kumquat is a hardy plant which prefers full sun, moderate water and well-drained soil. Prune the fruiting branches and fertilize it fortnightly to encourage repeat fruiting. Good air circulation also helps to minimize attacks by insects.
kumquat - baja cecair impra
2. Adenium
Adenium is believed to bring wealth to the owner. The swollen basal stem and roots represent fertility and abundance. It is believed that the larger the swollen base, the greater the wealth and abundance. Adenium with red and pink flowers are favored because brightly colored flowers represent luck and prosperity. Adenium requires little water and full direct sun. It is a great outdoor plant for welcoming guests, and itwill bloom beautifully with full, bright sun.


3. Jade Plant
The Jade plant has fleshy emerald-green oval leaves which resemble the shape of a jade stone and coins. Its vibrant color symbolize continual growth while the shape of its leaves symbolize prosperity and fortune. The Jade plant is easy to care for with little water requirement. It prefers full-day indirect sun or partial shade, which makes it a good indoor plant. Its leaves become slightly reddish when exposed to high levels of sunlight.


4. Chrysanthemums
With their bright gold or purple hues, chrysanthemums are an auspicious choice for the season. The plant is said to symbolize longevity, while those with gold blooms represent wealth and prosperity. It grows well when placed away from the sun or in shaded areas. Water twice a day till water flows out from the bottom of the pot. Avoid watering the flowers directly as they are fragile.
5. Lucky Bamboo
As well as being symbol of health, happiness, love and abundance, lucky bamboo is said to promote good fengshui. The different lengths of the bamboo signifies steps to success, others were bent, twisted and twirled into various shapes such as the number eight, decorated with red ribbons and lucky ornaments, to represents different things. The plant requires little 
care. Just stick the stems in fresh, clean water and anchor them with pebbles. Change the water every seven to 10 days.


6. Kalanchoes
A succulent flowering plant favored for its small colorful flowers that comes in various shades of red, yellow and purple. The kalanchoes is an easy plant to grow and is said to bring wealth and prosperity. The succulent, whose flowers grow in a cluster, thrives well indoors and prefers indirect sunlight. It should be watered once a week and should not be left in wet soil as this will cause its roots to rot.











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