IMPRA Orchid Mate

IMPRA Orchid Mate - Baja Bunga

IMPRA Orchid Mate and IMPRA Agro Spray are a must for every gardener. IMPRA Orchid Mate also acts as the same IMPRA Agro Spray, but IMPRA Orchid Mate is a special formula to encourage flowering.

IMPRA Orchid Mate is specially formulated to encourage flowering and also come with fragrant lemongrass (Citronella). Lemongrass is proven to help dispel insects such as ants and blend of fragrances contained in IMPRA Orchid Mate, IMPRA Agro Spray, IMPRA Anti Pest and especially IMPRA Pest Guards, is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent for your plants.

IMPRA Orchid Mate needs to be used as it is reserved so that the plant is more healthy and optimum in its growth. IMPRA Orchid Mate is encouraged to be sprayed 1 or 2 times a week or 2 weeks early in the morning or early evening for better results as time is concerned is the time at which the stomata on the leaves begin to open.

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