IMPRA Anti Pest

IMPRA Anti Pest - Pesticide & Fungicide

IMPRA Anti Pest is an pest & fungi repellent product with ready-to-spray method as an anti-insect and fungus agent specially formulated from organic ingredients such as chili, neem leaves, citronella which proved to be effective in preventing pests infectious disease on the tree.

Pest is a common phenomenon that occurs to gardeners and farmers. However, preliminary action and precautionary measures should be taken to ensure that your plants grow healthy and produce fresh and non-toxic.

Periodic use of the IMPRA Anti Pest can help to disable pest activity. IMPRA Anti Pest should be used approximately 1 to 2 times a week that is in the early hours of the morning or early evening. Preventive measures need to be taken into account using the IMPRA Anti Pest continuously despite not having any impact.

Experiment-Impra Anti-Pest-Pokok-Kunyit-vs-Belalang-Kunyit

Picture above is our experiment on the activities of locust on turmeric trees. The turmeric tree sprayed with Impra Anti Pest causes the locust’s desire to eat the tree low while proving the effectiveness of Impra Anti Pest in protecting plants from pests such as locust. While tree that are not sprayed with Impra Anti Pest show a very active locust activity on harvesting the tree.

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