IMPRA Agro Spray

IMPRA Agro Spray - Baja Cecair (Foliar)

In line with the growing technology, Rizatrade Resources Sdn Bhd creates a ready-made spray fertilizer. IMPRA Agro Spray is a foliar fertilizer that is specially formulated for plant growth. The use of IMPRA Agro Spray provides an excellent solution when plant root systems do not work optimally or feed through non-functioning soils. Nutrition forms such as IMPRA Agro Spray are suitable when root intake is interrupted by factors such as over-cold or hot soils, high pH, ​​high weeds or nematodes.

IMPRA Agro Spray contains a mixture of complete solutions with macro (N, P, K, Mg), micro (Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Mo) and enriched with kelp, humic & amino acids.

Just like the IMPRA Anti Pest, the use of periodic IMPRA Agro Spray can help healthy growth with balanced nutrients for your plants. IMPRA Agro Spray is also encouraged to be sprayed 1 or 2 times a week or 2 weeks in the early morning or early evening for better results because that is the time when the stomata on the leaves begins to open.

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